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Wedding planning details


Marriage is a happy and sweet thing, but because the wedding is cumbersome, many new people have not noticed many details of the wedding because of the tension. For this reason, I regret that I want a perfect wedding. The wedding details need to be well understood. It is. Going with the orange wedding to see what details are needed for the wedding?

1. Within the first three minutes of the wedding ceremony, the person in charge of the banquet hall should be responsible for the door. The ceremony began, and in the music of the wedding march, the newcomers are entering the venue. At this time, if there are late guests coming, they should be stopped by a special person to inform the newcomers that they are entering the venue and let them wait a little longer to walk in.

2. Before the wedding ceremony begins, the groom and the bride's mobile phone should be turned off or handed over to a special person. Imagine that the newcomer has stepped onto the stage and is conducting a ceremony, such as pouring champagne. At this time, the phone in the pocket of the groom is ringing. Is it connected or not? And too many calls before the start of the proceedings are easy to make new people feel anxious emotions, so picking up by others is the best way. Generally, the address of the hotel is asked by friends, and it is necessary to answer them in person.

3. If a newcomer enters the venue, if the wedding march is used, then the Wagner version should be used. Mendelssohn’s wedding march is suitable for newcomers to leave.

4. When the bride uses a portable wedding dress, it should not be too high. It is not very elegant to expose the shoes.

5. After the wedding ceremony, the newcomers will stand on the stage and stand still. Some new people are standing on the stage, and their eyes don't know where to look. In fact, you just have to look at the front. Of course, you are not required to always stare at a point, which is too stiff. Naturally, as long as you don’t look around, it’s fine.

6. When the wedding ceremony witnesses the speech of the married person, the newcomer should listen carefully and do not whisper two people. The witness is the VIP you invited. When the witness is speaking, the newcomer should listen carefully. If the witness is issuing a marriage certificate and the other couple is whispering on the other side, it seems too disrespectful to the witness!

7. When the newcomer exchanges the ring, the bridesmaid should avoid appearing in the lens, and the wedding ring should be worn on the ring finger of the opponent's left hand. If the bride wears gloves, the gloves should be removed before the wedding ceremony begins.

8. The wedding veil is opened by the groom after wearing the ring.



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